Professional Recruiter Trainee Program

​Your first step in your journey towards SysMind

Thank you for taking the time to apply for the Professional Recruiter Training Program. We appreciate your interest in SysMind.

While we review your application, please complete the Aptitude Test at our Moodle Site.

The  Aptitude Test is not a tool for elimination. Depending on the demands of a specific role, the insightful results of the test offer a well-rounded understanding of your aptitude. We might have another role for you in mind!

​Instructions to take the Aptitude Test

Step I – Create an Account on our Moodle Site

Click here to access the Moodle Site

Click on Create Account under “Is this your first time here?”
After following the prompts to create the Account, you will receive an email to confirm your registration.

After confirming, you should be able to log in.

Step II – Enroll in Aptitude Test

You will see a list of Available Courses after you log in.
Click on Aptitude Test
Under Enrollment Options, click on Aptitude Test and enter the Enrollment Key walkin

You are enrolled in the “Aptitude Test” now.

Step III – Take the Quiz

Scroll down and click on Attempt Quiz now


Kenny Pandey

Kenny is very passionate about training. He has a knack for hiring the best people that our clients constantly look up to him for recruiting help. He realized that others could use his experience in the recruitment field to make a big difference in their careers.

Kuldeep Sharma

If anyone has a great sense of humor, that would be Kuldeep. He is a great motivator and manager who builds an A-class team. He has an unwavering commitment to finding the best connection for every client and candidate.

Anoop Mishra

Being calm and poised under pressure is a quality that everyone can learn from Anoop. He is always willing to challenge the status quo in order to achieve an optimal result for all parties. Anoop enjoys helping successful candidates become satisfied clients while keeping the wheels of business turning.

Brijesh Jalan

Brijesh is always the first to take the plunge and the rest will follow.  A go-getter who gets every task done and that too with so much ease! He provides high-level service to his clients and candidates while efficiently and effectively leading his team to success.