Incubation Hub. SysMind Incubation Center (SIC) is looking to partner with an emergent startup company. At SIC, we strive to cultivate startup companies and help them transition into full-fledged enterprises. We are offering a three-month intensive partnership—where we will provide overhead and the necessary professional support that most startups lack—in exchange for a percentage of equity once the startup gains investors.

The details below will highlight the indispensable support that SIC can offer your growing organization.

What You'll Gain

Professional Work Environment

Office Space
High-speed Wi-Fi
Conference Room

Elite Technical Team

Java/J2EE developer
Android developers/iOS developer
UI/UX designer
C# Net developer
Oracle DBA/Architect
Business Analyst
Administrative Assistant
Content Writer

Experienced Consultants

Business Development
Information Technology

Business Networking

Angel investors
Potential clients
Employment services
Business professionals


Working at least 40 hours per week
Actively looking for investors
Actively spreading concepts

Balanced and Professional Team

Motivated employees
Tech geeks and business professionals
Related professional experience

Strong (TAM) Total Addressable Market

At least 500M
At least 10% annual growth

Competitive Advantages

Patent rights
Advanced technology
High growth potential
Accredited investors

Proof of Concept

Demonstration of theory or feasibility

Building a lasting cooperation.

Ultimately, SysMind Incubation Hub is looking for a relationship with information technology startups as we have vast experience in this field. However, we are open-minded and flexible towards other ideas.

Incubation Hub Spotlight


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